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J. GuerraSan Antonio Lawyer Fighting for the Rights of Injured Children

The J. Guerra Law Firm represents children hurt at child care facilities in San Antonio and throughout Texas. Child injury attorney Jesse E. Guerra, Jr. knows how to hold negligent day cares responsible for their actions. We provide counsel for parents who may not know where to turn or what to do in the aftermath of an injury. If your child was hurt in a day care accident that occurred in Dallas, Austin, or any other Texas city, we can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Take Legal Action to Hold Negligent Day Cares Accountable

Our firm has represented countless children hurt in falls, which are one of the top three causes of injury to this age group. The parents of a child hurt in a classroom or day care fall may file a negligence lawsuit in a Texas court. If the day care or one of its employees exposed your son or daughter to an unreasonable risk of injury, the day care may be ordered to pay for his or her emotional, physical, and financial harm.

Sometimes proving a day care’s negligence may consist of proving that employees left children without proper supervision. Other injuries may occur as a result of equipment accidents or even children being left in a van owned by the facility. Our firm is also renowned for litigating drowning cases that arise from a day care’s failure to provide adequate safety gates, drain covers, or emergency equipment in pools and similar areas.

Unfortunately, a significant number of child abuse cases happen outside the home. If the person who abused or molested a child was a day care employee, the parents may have a claim against the facility for negligent hiring, neglect, or failure to report abuse as required by Texas law. For example, if a simple background check would have prevented the abuser from working at the day care, the facility may be liable. The individual abuser may also be held accountable in a lawsuit filed by the victim’s parents. We undertake these matters with great care to ensure that your child endures no further emotional harm after the traumatic event.

Day care facilities are subject to numerous regulations found in the Texas Administrative Code. Although most of these rules do not give rise to an independent cause of action, violating them may be evidence of unreasonable behavior, which may help prove a negligence claim. A day care that fails to meet recordkeeping requirements, for example, may be liable if this failure contributed to a child’s injury. Alternately, a day care that did not provide proper child-caregiver ratios may face liability if a child was hurt as a result of inadequate supervision.

Consult a Dallas Attorney to Seek Compensation for Your Child’s Harm

The well-being of your son or daughter is one of your most important concerns. Diligent child accident lawyer Jesse E. Guerra, Jr. has dedicated his career to fighting for the rights of children hurt at day care facilities. We have years of experience helping families from Laredo, Waco, Corpus Christi, and throughout Texas pursue compensation for their children’s injuries. To schedule a free consultation, visit our contact page or call 877.903.8323.