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Few accidents are more horrific than those involving children. A person or entity that negligently injures or kills a child should be held responsible to ensure that no more children are harmed. Texas child injury attorney Jesse E. Guerra, Jr. at the J. Guerra Law Firm is a child safety advocate with significant experience litigating child injury cases. If your child was injured or lost his or her life at a day care, school, or another facility, we can help you hold the responsible parties accountable.

Falls Are the Leading Cause of Injury to Children

Thousands of children fall and are injured each year. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), falls are the leading cause of nonfatal unintentional injury for children ages 14 and younger.

In many settings where falls may occur, such as classrooms, adults have a responsibility to ensure that the children under their watch are reasonably safe. Children injured in falls can, through their parents, seek compensation for their injuries by filing a negligence lawsuit. A plaintiff who proves that the defendant breached a duty owed to the injured child may be entitled to damages.

Children Left Unattended in Vehicles Can Lose Their Lives

According to statistics compiled by a nonprofit organization, an average of 38 children die each year due to heat stroke or other conditions after being left alone in cars or vans. This problem is particularly acute in the hot summer months. As in other cases of child neglect or inadequate supervision, parents can seek damages with the assistance of a Texas child injury lawyer from any defendant employee, organization, or other responsible party who may have breached a duty toward their child by leaving them alone in a vehicle and causing the child’s death.

Child Abuse Is Inexcusable

Sexual or physical child abuse may be a parent’s worst nightmare, and perpetrators of these terrible crimes should be criminally prosecuted under state and federal law. Additionally, people or entities that may have had an indirect hand in the incident may be subject to civil liability. For example, day cares that fail to perform adequate background checks on employees may have acted negligently. If such a day care breached the duty it owed to child, which in turn caused the injuries in question, it may clear the way for the child to collect damages.

Owners of Improperly Secured Pools May Be Liable

Drowning is the number one cause of death for children ages one to four, and a top-five cause of death for all children aged 19 and younger, according to the CDC. Families of children who have been injured or who have drowned in a pool can hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

The families of drowning victims may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of the swimming pool. Some owners have a duty to keep their property safe from hazards. This standard of care applies to places like day cares, schools, or other facilities that invite children onto the property as a business. If a child drowns in a pool located on this type of property, the premises owner can be held liable. Even in cases where a child has drowned in a pool located on property on which the child did not have permission to enter, the premises owner may still face liability if he knew that children were likely to be attracted to the pool.

In other cases, negligent maintenance or lifeguards may have played a part in the injury, and those responsible can be held accountable for these actions as well.

Families of Injured Children May Pursue Other Claims

The employees of day cares, schools, and other facilities have a duty to behave reasonably. Reckless, negligent, or dangerous practices that injure children may expose the day care and possibly its employees to significant civil liability from lawsuits brought by injured children’s families. Day care facilities that negligently hire or train staff, fail to keep adequate records, or let children go unsupervised, can be held accountable for any injuries that result from their actions.

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Injured children deserve experienced and committed advocates. Whether a litigating drowning case, holding a day care responsible for lack of supervision, or going after child abusers, the Dallas child care negligence attorneys of the J. Guerra Law Firm has the experience necessary to help you and your family seek compensation for your child’s injury. We fight for the children of clients from Waco to Laredo and throughout Texas. To schedule a free case evaluation with a Texas child injury lawyer, call (877) 903-8323 or fill out our online contact form.